Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ten Things I Love

I wrote this list this summer, but I think it still applies. . .
  1. Playing piano and singing from memory on pianos in churches
  2. Chai lattes from Radina's
  3. Road trips with friends who like to have many snack stops and don't mind silence or just the sound of great music
  4. Speaking Japanese, especially with Yuuki or Ayumi
  5. Southern accents
  6. Drinking coffee and chatting with my aunt Amy and Granny
  7. Sitting in Jennifer's room with her and Yuuki, listening to Matt Wertz or David Crowder or Charlie Hall
  8. Watching my bros play football
  9. The 4th of July in all its Dubtown glory
  10. That feeling when I'm running and I've already reached the goal I set but I still have energy so I keep running

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