Tuesday, February 12, 2008

So there's this TV show called One Tree Hill that I am completely obsessed with. I relate scenes from the show to my life or relate my life to scenes from the show. It's glorious, really. And you, my readers, get the pleasure of hearing about it.
There's this scene in the 3rd season, one of my favorites, where Brooke, after having a stint of "non-exclusive dating" with Lucas, finally tells him the truth about how she feels. "I wanted you to fight for me," she says. " I wanted you to tell me that you are the one for me."
When I watched this scene for the first time, my heart just melted. And ever since, I've thought a lot about the day when some guy, THE guy for me, will fight for my heart, for my love. But that day is not now. No guy is fighting for my heart. The beautiful thing, though, is that, now and so many times in the past, people have fought for me. My parents fought for my existence and my presence in their lives. They fought against what the world told them they could or could not do, and they gave me a good life. My friend Jennifer fought for the good in me. When she met me freshman year, I was not a good person. I was selfish and prideful and really just a downright mess, but she persevered in our friendship. Same goes for my friend Erin. She has continued to battle against my darkness, being a reliable presence in my life. She has seen God turn my darkness into light, and has been walking right beside me, struggling for that. My friend Davelyn fought for truth and understanding in my heart and mind. During a time that I was very angry and confused and feeling worthless, she waded into the mud and muck of my life, and pointed me to a Heavenly Father that could help me see the light.
This isn't the end. I know that, throughout the rest of my life, people will continue to fight for me, giving me the hope that I am worth it.

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