Friday, June 20, 2008

Lately, it seems like I've been doing things that remind me of the past. Last night, I went to the zoo with some friends and loved it. The penguins were so adorable and I fell in love with zebras and giraffes. It's like God just made these animals his painting canvas, you know? I ate at Taco Bell the other day, which I haven't done in years. It reminded me of friends from freshman year and my sister. I also got my hair cut, including my bangs and I look like I'm twelve, which is always fun. For some reason that reminds me of when I ran into that rope at the baseball field when I was little. You remember, mom? Speaking of baseball, Erin and I drove past some local ballfields and saw bunches of little kiddos playing baseball and softball. Oh, the days of being skinny and awkward with glasses and no ability to play ball whatsoever. It's fun to remember the past, to remember how things used to be and how you used to be. I'm glad I'm living in the present, though. My life is good.

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