Monday, July 21, 2008

Today, God pursued me. He showed me that He knows my heart. He knows what I love and what I take joy in. He knows things that people in my life may never know or understand. At our intern meeting this morning, I shared some ideas of success in ministry and what that looks like, and my thoughts were affirmed. When I got to the church, I had a note on my door saying that one of my favorite 7th grade girls had called and wanted to have lunch with me. My Abba knows how often I feel worthless and inadequate, and He showed me today that I'm not.
I was also extremely blessed today by some West E. Free-ers. I won't share the details, but God showed me that He wants to provide for me. He wanted this to be a summer of rest and stillness, and that was confirmed today.
Also, tonight, I got to play softball. I can tell all y'all how much I love this game, but I'm not sure if you'd understand. Maybe my dad would. Watching it, playing it, practicing it, just throwing around a ball. I love it all. And my Abba definitely knows how much I love it. So he gave me a chance to play. And I didn't do too bad of a job, if I do say so myself.
Thank you, Father, for knowing my heart. . .

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Karyssa said...

I love you amber!! Your heart for God encourages me so much!