Sunday, September 9, 2007

I love using pictures to explain myself, to see how it relates to the ramblings in my head and the achings in my heart. so I'm going to start off my new blog with just that.

In this picture, you see me and Travis Metcalf, who is currently playing for the Texas Rangers. My dad was his coach in high school, he went on to play for KU and is really just an awesome guy. Well, at the end of July, we went to the series in Kansas City where the Rangers played the Royals. We got to the first game in time to watch batting practice, so I was standing close to the railing when Travis started walking back into the dugout after he was done batting. I hollered his name and waved, thinking he would just wave back. Well, he definitely came over to me and just started chatting, like it was no big deal that he was getting ready to play a Major League baseball game and that I was just his former coach's daughter. This meant so much to me, to be seen and noticed. Yeah, I might never see or talk to Travis again in my life, but in that moment, he made me feel so special, so important, that he would just put aside the whole Texas Ranger thing and come to chat with me.

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Robin said...

That's pretty cool. Welcome to Blogger, by the way; Xanga sites are pretty ugly.