Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Made in His image?

As a significantly emotional person, I really am intrigued by human emotion. Passion, sorrow, excitement, sheer joy, jealousy, hatred. And as I'm sitting here at the Moore desk entertaining myself by watching YouTube videos, I came across this one.

Okay, so a little explanation. Duke and the University of North Carolina have the biggest rivalry in NCAA basketball, and right now, UNC has a phenom of a player, Tyler Hansbrough. Well, I guess in a game late last season, a Duke player was trying to block a shot or something and came down hard on Hansbrough's nose, making him bleed profusely. You really have to watch the video to get the full effect, but "Psycho T" as Tyler is otherwise known, gets downright pissed as Gerald Henderson just walks down the court away from him like nothing happened.

There is such a range of emotion shown in this video, from the extreme rivalry that exists between the two teams, to the anger of Psycho T, the calmness of Henderson, and what seems like a friendly exchange between legend coaches, Roy Williams and Mike Krzyzewski, which, as any NCAA fan knows, probably was not what it seemed. Even the emotion that is evoked in myself as I watch the video is not mild. As a diehard Jayhawk fan, I also became a Blue Devils fan the day Roy Williams decided to leave KU for North Carolina. I never thought I would be able to claim that title, but I would now cheer on any team going up against UNC. Sorry, Roy, but you left behind an upset group of Kansas fans, including a few in the Johnson household.

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Derek said...

Roy left KU like 5 years ago, and you know, he won an NCAA championship with UNC which he was never able to do with KU in 15 years. As much as people were upset about him leaving, can you really blame him? In fact, I remember being a little upset myself at the time because that happened before I was a K-Stater. And just so you know, as good as Tyler Hansbrough is, he is no Michael Beasley.