Monday, September 24, 2007

Dreams are my worst enemy. . . and proof of the evil that lurks nearby. Last night, I made an important decision. I made a commitment that is a difficult one, but a needed one. My heart felt heavy with the weight of the responsibility, but joyous knowing that Father will be faithful. Well, the devil had different plans for my mind. I struggled to get to sleep, finally falling away at about 2:45. I woke up at 5:40, having difficulty pulling myself away from a dream that to some might have been a great one, one to giggle about with friends. Not in my case. I will spare you the details, but I just don't understand how the devil can get me right where it hurts, even when the Holy Spirit controls my mind.
After my early shift at the desk and my 8:30 class, I decided to take a nap because I got a class canceled. Good, you might think. She needs some more rest after only 3 hours of sleep. Not so. Another dream was there. The evil one was waiting for me. I feel so disoriented, having these traces of terrible pictures in my head, knowing I have to go on with my day, and trying to trust that the Lord is good.
I know that I'll be okay. This has happened before, and Father has always been faithful to bring my mind back around to him and promises of His goodness. But right now, I'm just having to fight through the fog.

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travelingrace said...

How have you been since Monday? Any better? May the Father continue to prove Himself faithful.