Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I am officially a commuter. I live in Wamego and work in Manhattan, so every morning and evening, I drive twelve miles of Highway 24. The speed limit is 70 mph, but I choose to go 60 because it saves gas. I'm one of THOSE people, I know. So, it's interesting to watch all the cars (and I do mean ALL the cars) pass me by. I'm starting to see the same cars every morning, including one with the license plate ALWYSL8. And trust me, if his speed says anything, he definitely is. Today, I was especially observing the tremendous speed and carelessness of the drivers around me. I just can't imagine living a life in which you have to drive 85 mph on the highway to work and eat your breakfast and talk on your cell while driving, recklessly cutting off drivers just for a spot ahead in the commuter crowd. I hope I never resort to that kind of lifestyle.

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